TROUBLE Like the Dickens! 4.22

We’ve missed you through these long cold winter months! Help us kick off our 2017 season in style. Trouble in the Heartland plays the Dickens Opera House in Longmont Saturday, April 22, with College Radio. Doors open at 7; show starts 8:15 PM.

Colorado’s original tribute to Bruce Springsteen and The E St. Band, Trouble in the Heartland has been bringing the ragged swagger of the Jersey Shore to the Front Range since 2012. From “Born to Run” to “Born in the USA” and beyond, we focus on Bruce’s big hits of the 70s and 80s – plus the occasional chestnut you might not be expecting.

College Radio brings an eclectic mix of alternative rock, featuring music from Pearl Jam, Radiohead, The Clash, The Cars, Live, Nirvana, U2, The Cult, The Smiths, Elvis Costello, Blind Melon, INXS, and many others.


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Trouble at Nissi’s

Hi there, Trouble fans, Boss Jeff here. I want to first of all thank you all for a wonderful summer of fun and amazing shows. Some of the highlights from this summer would include the 4th of July in the city of Kremmling, A great time at Avalanche Harley Davidson, Left Hand Breweries’ Leftapalooza, a really fun night at the Platte River Grill, a great show at the Taste of Colorado, Summerset Festival in Littleton and the Dynamite Days festival in Idaho Springs. Not to mention a few acoustic shows at The Club at South Suburban Golf Course and the Lone Tree Grill. It has been a summer to truly remember and we hope we saw you at each and every show.  If you missed any show, check out our youtube page where many of our close friends have been helping out to shoot some great footage of us live Youtube

Now its time to get ready for a great show coming up at Nissi’s. To get ready for this year’s exciting election, Nissi’s is having a Pre -election America Rocks Tribute featuring Trouble In The Heartland & The Legendary Hitchhikers (A Tribute to Tom Petty). This should be a an amazing night at an amazing venue with 2 amazing bands. Doors open at 6:30pm with the Show at 7:30pm. Tickets are on sale for Reserved Seating today for $15. General Admission at the door will be $12.

Nissi’s is located at 2675 Northpark Drive Lafayette, CO 80026 (On the SE corner of 95th St and Arapahoe Rd). For more information, check out there website Nissi’s

We hope to see you there. Lights out tonight!!!

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Trouble on the Golf Course

Hi there Trouble fans. We had the opportunity to play 2 different golf course lately and wanted to share with our fans. On Father’s day, we played Pradera Golf Course for a cookout and Father’s day festival. We got some footage of us playing under the tents and posted it on YouTube for everyone to see it. Check it out below, or go to YouTube and search for Trouble in the Heartland.

After that, on the following Friday, Trouble in the Heartland played an “unplugged” show at the Lone Tree Grill at the Lone Tree Golf club and Hotel featuring John, Jeff on Guitar, Jason on sax and flute and Steve on Keyboards. We had a great time and made some new friends. Hopefully we can find some photos from that night to post on our Facebook page.

Our next “unplugged” show will be on Friday, August 26th. Check the schedule page to make plans. Next, Trouble heads to the town of Kremmling to celebrate the 4th of July with the whole city! We hope to see you all soon.

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A busy time for Trouble

A ton of new shows have been added to our summer and we are ready to have some fun. Check out the Schedule page for dates and information.

Also thanks to the Loveland Ski resort for having us up there. That was a blast and we hope you all had as much fun as we had. Tons of pictures are up on our facebook page from the show.

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Come make a stand with your favorite local Springsteen tribute band Trouble in the Heartland.


When: Friday, July 24. 8-11 ±
Where: the Oriental Theater (4335 W. 44th Ave., Denver 80212)

We promise to bring you the power, the passion, the guts, the Glory Days and more. “Rosalita,” anyone? Check. “Born to Run,” “Born in the USA?” What do you take us for, amateurs? We’ll take you to the Jersey shore by way of the Badlands, with a stop in Detroit. You’ll be dancing in the dark and proving it all night, trust us. There, have we pimped enough song titles?

Seriously, it’s our first shot at the Oriental, and we can’t keep doing this without you, our friends and fans. Let’s show the club Colorado’s Bruce love! Also check out opening band The Substitutes, a feisty tribute to the Who (

Lights out tonight,

Trouble in the Heartland


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New recordings released in time for the Jamboree

We just put the finishing touches one 13 new recordings of songs for Demo shopping as well as getting ready for the Colorado Performing Arts Jamboree. Trouble In The Heartland’s own Boss Johnny and Jeff M. will be setting up a booth at the Jamboree on Friday 1/23/2015 and showing off everything we are all about. The Jamboree is from 9 am to 3 pm at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds, 15200 West 6th Avenue, Golden CO 80401.

For more information about the Jamboree, click here

To listen to the new songs you can go to the Demos link or check out our Soundcloud page player below.

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Check out Our New Springsteen MP3s

Calling all Trouble fans:

Our long-awaited MP3 demos are now available under the “Audio Demos” tab on our home page. Check them out, share them with friends, tell us how much you love us! We’ve finished Cadillac Ranch, Badlands (Johnny’s favorite), and Brilliant Disguise. More to come. Recorded at Wingo Studios with a wing, a prayer, and Col. Kevin Kick on drums!

And BTW, if it’s Wednesday, Trouble in the Heartland must have a new drummer. Welcome aboard Jeff Moody, who also keeps time with a local Skynyrd/Allman tribute, Brothers of the Sun.


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Now Hair This!

As if Boss Johnny hasn’t got enough to do, I’ve put together a Kindle playlist of my favorite 80s hair metal hits. I’m sure I’ve left a few off, but these are just my faves. What are your favorites and why?
Now Hair This:
Ballad of Jayne – LA Guns
Down Boys – Warrant
Fallen Angel – Poison
Fire Woman – The Cult
I Can’t Explain – Scorpions
Kickstart My Heart – Motley Crue
Love Removal Machine – The Cult
Round and Round – Ratt
Same Ol’ Situation (SOS) – Motley Crue
Talk Dirty to Me – Poison
[granted, Scorpions gets in by cover-song exception. Otherwise they probably fall under Serious Troll Metal with the likes of Ozzie and Dio. Plus I put on 2 Cult songs to balance out the Poison when I undoubtedly face the Man Card Tribunal.]

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Too Safe = No Fun

Dawg on a  Hawg

Dawg on a Hawg

Is anyone else perturbed by the harmless, cutesy and guaranteed-to-offend-nobody tone of the current pop charts? We’ve got a band called Fun. Oh, pardon me, no capital letters. Because that might frighten somebody. We’ve got bands called the Mowgli’s, the Neighbourhood… Very soothing, reassuring. Don’t ask me why I remember this, but the lead singer of a very forgettable band called SafetySuit once said in an interview that the goal of their music was to “make people feel safe.” And there’s actually a hit song (and not a bad one) called “Safe and Sound,” by Capital Cities.

I get it, I get it – life today is much more chaotic and dangerous than at any point in my memory. We send our kids to school, unsure if we’ll ever see them again. We send them to college, and there are precious few jobs waiting for them that don’t involve dark green apron strings. We go to work in the morning, uncertain if we’ll be able to make it out of the tower next time.

And God bless the Lumineers for bringing back rustic simplicity – along with storytelling, and vocals that don’t sound like a man fixing to hork up one of his own testicles. Ditto Mumford and Sons. Loved the American Gothic moralizing, no shit (“come out of your cave walking on your hands…”).

But whether they know it or not, such groups sit at the crest of a marketing wave that has convinced our faux Salvation Army vest-wearing offspring that the Dust Bowl was one big hootenanny – hobos making s’mores by a campfire, singing Woody Guthrie, and texting their hobo pals. When really, people were dying from lungs full of the barren earth that could no longer feed them.

Where’s the music about taking risks, transcending your humble origins? And not by busting a cap, otherwise fucking somebody over, or getting fleetingly shit-faced?

I’m talking “Tramps like us, baby we were born to run.”
“Even the losers get lucky sometime.”
“If the boys wanna fight, you better let ’em.”
Hell, I’d even settle for “two tickets to paradise.”

If you recognize all these references, you’re probably ready for your boner pill, followed by an afternoon of antiquing on your Rascal scooter. That’s kind of the point. We’ve given our kids plenty to rebel against, but not the stones to do it.

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Check out this rehearsal recording! Things are starting to take shape. Still looking for that first show. A big stage, a big, sweet club PA (we hope). It’ll happen. I can tell the boys are itching to fire up the six-piece Bruce machine and, you know, see what happens.
And in the meantime, we’re going to be working on some guerrilla-style demo recordings in a secret Bruce-cave somewhere south of Denver. So that when Commissioner Clarence shines the Bruce-signal, we’re ready to fire up the Pink Cadillac and take it to the streets for one last chance to make it real. You know I could go on like this…

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