Come make a stand with your favorite local Springsteen tribute band Trouble in the Heartland.


When: Friday, July 24. 8-11 ±
Where: the Oriental Theater (4335 W. 44th Ave., Denver 80212)

We promise to bring you the power, the passion, the guts, the Glory Days and more. “Rosalita,” anyone? Check. “Born to Run,” “Born in the USA?” What do you take us for, amateurs? We’ll take you to the Jersey shore by way of the Badlands, with a stop in Detroit. You’ll be dancing in the dark and proving it all night, trust us. There, have we pimped enough song titles?

Seriously, it’s our first shot at the Oriental, and we can’t keep doing this without you, our friends and fans. Let’s show the club Colorado’s Bruce love! Also check out opening band The Substitutes, a feisty tribute to the Who (

Lights out tonight,

Trouble in the Heartland


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