We are Colorado’s first, best and only Bruce Springsteen tribute band. With a focus on Bruce’s 70s and 80s glory days, we’ll make your event a rock ‘n roll revival – without the Pepsi Center price tag.

Looking to capitalize on our unique abilities to sing us some Bruce, vocalist John Jesitus and rhythm guitarist Jeff Wingo started the group around late 2012. Bassist Marc Lutz answered a craigslist ad, and then there were three. Eventually we recruited guitarist Billy Rock, keyboardist Steve Meier, drummer Jeff Moody, and saxophonist extraordinaire John Battista, whom we are told is a legendary 4-Nikator. Don’t judge! Just call us if you’re looking for a dynamic, uplifting, kick-ass show of one to four hours that takes you back to the boardwalk with that ragged E St. swagger we know you’re hankering for.

John Jesitus



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  1. Dennis Hiatt says:

    Are you still looking for a bass player?

    Here is a sample of my playing:


    I have been listening to Bruce since 1978…thx Dennis Hiatt

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